by Sally Sorte

As we close out Women’s History Month, we are pleased to introduce you to an inspiring female leader and entrepreneur: Aparna Rao.

Aparna Rao says that she stumbled upon entrepreneurship.

“Honestly, maybe that’s the best way to do it, because it’s all about: is there a need in the market, is there a passion I have, and is there a solution I can solve it with.”

Rao is the founder and CEO of eCare Vault, EduLab Capital’s inaugural investment. eCare Vault offers a coordinated care platform to bridge communication across a child or adult’s family caregivers, educators…

by Liam Pisano

Deciding how much institutional capital to raise is a critical choice for an entrepreneur.

“How much money are you looking to raise?” A question heard at the end of nearly every early-stage entrepreneur-investor conversation. More often than not, the response separates the wheat from the chaff in terms of those ready to raise institutional capital.

While there’s no right answer, the need to be directionally correct can be tantamount to success. A figure that outweighs the need for the Company is looked upon as out of touch and needlessly dilutive, and a figure too small can be seen as lacking ambition and dispels dreams of venture-like returns. A well thought out…

by Sally Sorte

EduLab Capital Managing Partner, Liam Pisano, deploying capital from his basement

Sandwiched between a punching bag and a Peloton, Liam Pisano is going on month nine of doing deals from his basement. Pisano is the Boston-based Managing Partner and Co-founder of EduLab Capital Partners (ECP), with counterparts in Tokyo and Singapore.

EduLab Capital is an early stage, EdTech venture capital firm that seeks to fill the gap for entrepreneurs looking for an institutionalized investor, at a stage in development where their product/market fit or ARR are not yet suited for a larger fund.

ECP invests in learning technologies, spanning K-12, Higher Education, and corporate learning. …

by Liam Pisano, Managing Partner

Today we are pleased to announce that Sally Sorte has joined the EduLab Capital Partners team as a Principal. That’s the formal announcement. But the journey to this moment for us was almost as interesting as her impressive and inspiring background. Sally joined EduLab Capital as a virtual summer MBA intern in June of 2020 after her first year at Harvard Business School. Her introduction to our team was a welcome respite from the tragedy of the Spring. Her resume read much like a well crafted movie script. Experience at Teach for America, Google, McKinsey…

EduLab Capital

EduLab Capital Partners is a VC fund that invests in early stage, education and workforce technology companies to scale measurable impact in our communities.

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