A conversation with Dana Stephenson, Co-Founder & CEO of Riipen

by Sally Sorte

“Everyone tells you to do something you are really passionate about and something you can relate to,” recalls Dana Stephenson.

At the time, Stephenson and his co-founder, Dave Savory, were in their fourth year at the University…

by EduLab Capital Partners

We are excited to host our first pitch competition for early-stage learning, workforce, and AI-driven technologies!

In partnership with our University Ambassadors from Stanford University, Northwestern University, and Middlebury College, we are looking forward to bringing together some of the most promising seed stage companies in…

by Sally Sorte

“Mentor Collective is grounded in… helping students who feel like they don’t belong in a place, belong in a place,” says Co-Founder and CEO, Jackson Boyar.

To achieve this sense of belonging, Mentor Collective seeks to make life-changing relationships a feature of every student’s college experience.


by Liam Pisano

“How much money are you looking to raise?” A question heard at the end of nearly every early-stage entrepreneur-investor conversation. More often than not, the response separates the wheat from the chaff in terms of those ready to raise institutional capital.

While there’s no right answer, the…

by Liam Pisano, Managing Partner

Today we are pleased to announce that Sally Sorte has joined the EduLab Capital Partners team as a Principal. That’s the formal announcement. But the journey to this moment for us was almost as interesting as her impressive and inspiring background. Sally joined EduLab Capital…

EduLab Capital

EduLab Capital Partners is a VC fund that invests in early stage, education and workforce technology companies to scale measurable impact in our communities.

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