A Conversation with Aparna Rao, founder & CEO of eCare Vault

Rao attended Pearson college of the Pacific in Canada — one of the 7 UWC colleges at the time.

“It was the best, biggest risk that I took.”

Rao reflects upon how “once you do that at the age of 16, you go to school with 200 other kids from 100 countries, it’s just a different ballgame. Because then, the naiveté of youth, the foolishness of youth, you feel you can achieve anything!”

Rao recalls her father urging her, “Whatever you do, make sure that you are a walking asset, make sure you have a functional skill set.” As Rao puts it, “I wanted to exist beside institutions, not because of institutions.”
  1. Build care teams
  2. Organize documents in one place
  3. Connect in real time
“eCare Vault brings out the ‘human’ element in Teams to create a dedicated forum for discussions and secure file sharing related to mental health, special education, and workforce development that is focused on the individual, not the company,” says Rao.

“This is an opportunity to not only recover but reimagine — what is the world post-Covid?”

The eCare Vault team is preparing for the “shadow pandemic of mental health,” which Rao refers to as the ‘Backpack Tsunami’ — “children coming back to school with mental health needs for assessment and screening along with significant learning lags that need to be urgently supported.”



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