Founder Spotlight: Meet Jackson & James, the Co-Founders of Mentor Collective

The Mentor Collective founding team, in 2015. Jackson and James are front right.

“That ability to articulate the vision, the mission in early customer conversations was really important. I think early stages people buy based upon authenticity more so than the product or anything else,” says Boyar.

Boyar’s inspiration for Mentor Collective came from a formative experience leaving his home in New Jersey to live in China for a year when he was 16.

Mentor Collective’s team via Zoom.
Hear about the impacts of mentorship from this Mentor Collective pair at UC Davis.

“We look at failing as a fee not a fine, it’s almost like we are paying tuition through our time and our mistakes, and we’re failing forward.”

“It sounds a little cliche but I just know that I am going to learn that much faster and get to know where I want to go that much faster if I am ruthless in making mistakes as opposed to sitting still.”

Mentor Collective’s first Holiday Party in 2017.



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