The Market for Micro-internships is ‘Riipen-ing’

Dana Stephenson, CEO & Co-Founder of Riipen, championing real world learning for post-secondary students while they are in school so they are prepared for successful transitions into the workforce.

“All of a sudden I started to feel like… I was more in charge of my own destiny.”

“It was a sales role, so it was very commission driven… The harder I worked, the more I put into it, the more I trained, the more I educated myself, the better I could do, and I could really see the impact of that every week on my paycheck.”

Dave Savory, Co-Founder & Director of Experiential Learning at Riipen



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EduLab Capital Partners is a VC fund that invests in early stage, education and workforce technology companies to scale measurable impact in our communities.